"Do it Yourself SEO" Analysis & Solution Report

Our “Do it Yourself SEO” Analysis and Solutions Report is an effective and affordable way to improve your web site’s natural search engine rankings! This report is geared toward small to mid-sized businesses that have an internal webmaster or web designer who can implement our recommendations.

We take a very deep look at your current website and compile a legnthy 20 point report that will explain what is wrong with your current website AND what you need to do to fix it to ensure top rankings on the major search engines. Not only do we point out the problems- but we give you solutions!

This is the empowerment and education you need to program your website to be “search engine friendly” and gain top rankings! We have over 10 years experience in the industry and we KNOW what the engines are looking for!

In order to gain maximum results on the top engines our “Do it Yourself SEO” report will include the following analysis and solutions for:

  1. Site Navigation
  2. Site Code
  3. SEO Friendly URLs
  4. Site Content
  5. Link Popularity
  6. Title Tag Analysis
  7. Description Meta Tag
  8. Keyword Meta Tag
  9. Page Layout
  10. Header Tags
  11. Keyword Density
  12. Alt Tags
  13. HTML File Names
  14. Directory File Names
  15. Image Names
  16. Site Map
  17. Keyword Matching
  18. Internal Linking
  19. Style Sheets
  20. Robots File
SEO Analysis Report Sample

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